Limited Use: Disorganized Wizards Club Ep.52

August 25, 2017

#Jointheclub this week as the DWC dicusses GP Denver, limited, card evaluations, and how to identify cards that are "traps".


Right Up The Middle: Disorganized Wizards Club Ep.51

August 18, 2017

#Jointheclub this week as the DWC discusses the double Modern GP weekend and their thoughts on where the standard format currently sits. The guys also dive into the concept of "midrange" strategies in Magic.


A Disorganized Retrospective: Disorganized Wizards Club Ep.50

August 10, 2017

#Jointheclub this week as the DWC gives a retrospective on their first 50 episodes. The guys discuss favourite episodes, standard, modern, highlights, and the best blowouts from the past year.


Pro Tuner: Disorganized Wizards Club Ep.49

August 3, 2017

#Jointheclub this week as the guys discuss Pro Tour Hour of Devastation and how to tune your decks going forward using information from the Pro Tour.


Reflecting Fool: Disorganized Wizards Club Ep.48

July 27, 2017

#Jointheclub this week as the DWC discusses their predictions going into Pro Tour Hour Of Devastation, standard, and how to effectively reflect on games of magic.


Gotta Go Slow: Disorganized Wizards Club Ep.47

July 20, 2017

#Jointheclub this week as the DWC discusses Hour of Devastation limited and standard after week one of the format. The guys also discuss the topic of patience in Magic and how it can help improve your game.


The God Pharaoh Returns: Disorganized Wizards Club Ep.46

July 13, 2017

#Jointheclub this week as the DWC welcomes Adam back into the fray to talk prerelease weekend and their thoughts on standard will change after the release of Hour of Devastation.


Hour of Speculation: Disorganized Wizards Club Ep.45

July 6, 2017

#Jointheclub this week for the Hour of Devastation spoiler season episode as the guys talk all about cards from the new set and the impact they might make on existing formats.


Because Seven, Six, Five: Disorganized Wizards Club Ep.44

June 29, 2017

#Jointheclub this week as the DWC talks about mulligans. The guys discuss mulligan decisions in general, how decisions change due when playing different formats, and what you should be considering when assessing "sketchy" hands.


DWC Does Vegas: Disorganized Wizards Club Ep.43

June 22, 2017

#Jointheclub this week as the DWC welcomes back Canadian Icon Phil Samms to talk about the triple GP weekend in Vegas, standard post marvel ban, and spoiler season.