Keep Seven (Greed): Disorganized Wizards Club Ep.62

November 16, 2017

#Jointheclub this week as the DWC starts their new series based off the seven deadly sins with the topic of greed in magic.


2SMRT4U: Disorganized Wizards Club Ep.61

November 9, 2017

#Jointheclub this week as the DWC reflects on Pro Tour Ixalan and discusses standard going forward.


Care Less: Disorganized Wizards Club Ep.60

November 3, 2017

#Jointheclub this week for a light-hearted episode with pro tour predictions, stories, and thoughts on getting better at magic.


Freebooting Wins: Disorganized Wizards Club Ep.59

October 26, 2017

#Jointheclub this week as the DWC discusses the dominant performance of "5 Colour Humans" in modern this past weekend, a local PPTQ, and the state of standard and modern.


DWC Does Nationals: Disorganized Wizards Club Ep.58

October 19, 2017

#Jointheclub this week as the DWC recounts their experience at Canadian Nationals and discusses their testing process leading up to the event.


Get A Peg Leg Up: Disorganized Wizards Club Ep.57

October 6, 2017

#Jointheclub this week as the DWC breaks down their impressions on the Ixalan limited and standard formats and give their thoughts on how to succeed early in said formats. 


Raiding Card Game: Disorganized Wizards Club Ep.56

September 28, 2017

#Jointheclub this week as the DWC discusses their initial impressions on Ixalan after prerelease weekend and their expectations for week one of standard.


Plunder the Spoils: Disorganized Wizards Club Ep.55

September 21, 2017

#Jointheclub this week as the DWC discusses tips for Ixalan prerelease weekend and counts down their favourite cards from the new set. 


What’s in the Board!?!?: Disorganized Wizards Club Ep.54

September 14, 2017

#Jointheclub this week as the DWC discusses the ins and outs of sideboarding (pun intended).


Praying for Punts: Disorganized Wizards Club Ep.53

September 7, 2017

#Jointheclub this week as the DWC discusses the last pair of Hour of Devastation Grand Prix, Ixalan spoilers, and ways of playing tight to draw mistakes from your opponent.